Canned red beans

400 m
Logistic Information: 
net weight:390 g
gross weight (piece/carry pack/pallet):443 g / 5,28 kg / 1056 kg
number of pieces in a carry pack:12
number of carry pack on the layer:18
number of pieces on the layer:216
number of pieces on the pallet:2400
Nutrition declaration: 
in 100g
energy395 kJ
94 kcal
fat0,7 g
of which saturates0,4 g
carbohydrate11 g
of which sugars0,8 g
protein7,4 g
salt0,81 g
"Red beans are rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Unlike peas, it does not contain sodium. In some species there is iron (haricot), folic acid (mung, pinto, black eyed), selenium (with black eye) and charcoal Especially for men zinc (red, kidney and black beans) .Bas also has easily digestible starch and substances that inhibit tumor growth (protease inhibitors), and also soluble fiber, which helps remove excess cholesterol from the body. For salads and Mexican dishes. "
Red beans cooked, water, salt.
Product specification: 

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