Tomato concentrate

200 m
Logistic Information: 
waga netto:190 g
gross weight (piece/carry pack/pallet):309 g / 6,18 kg / 742 kg
number of pieces in a carry pack:20
number of carry pack on the layer:12
number of pieces on the layer:240
number of pieces on the pallet:2400
Nutrition declaration: 
w 100g
energy409 kJ
97 kcal
fat1,5 g
of which saturates0,3 g
carbohydrate14 g
of which sugars0,8 g
protein5,6 g
salt0,08 g
Tomato concentrate is a partially dehydrated, pasteurized food product so you can enjoy it for a longer time. This processed product is recommended for consumption, just like the tomatoes themselves. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Ingredients of many sauces - to spaghetti, to golubtsy. Irreplaceable to our Polish tomato soup.
Tomato concentrate 30 %

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