Ladies and Gentlemen

In 1996, AT the Olympic Games In Atlanta, Polish athletes won seven gold medals, and the Word Heard about Poland. At the same time, I decided to invest in production in the fruit and vegetable industry. I distinctly remember the day when our first products left the production line. It was my dream at this point that the products under the brand of Orzech would be as well-known in Poland an worldwide as our gold medalists. After twenty years, I have great satisfaction from the fact that, even with so many changes in the fruit and vegetable industry, in a highly competitive market, we have gained the trust of many millions of people around the world.  My motto has always been, and will always be, that the success of the company is created by people. This means our committed and loyal staff, and honest and reliable partners. The measure of success of our company is its happy customers. I am especially grateful to them for last few years, and for the fact that today I can say:

“Thank You for your trust since 1996”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thanking you, I also express the hope that you will continue to reach for Orzech products and put your trust in my company in the coming years.


Best regards and appreciation for Consumers, Contractors, Friends

And all those who have been in any way connected with my business during all these years.